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The Paranormal Signs Investigations format

(Genre: Entertainment & Suspense)

We think that to this day no one in the world can say for sure if there is another side.
If you go to Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski, who dealt with transcommunication, seems to think that contact with the afterlife is possible.
In our opinion, it remains questionable whether most of the devices used are actually suitable for such communication.

Of course, PSI is also considering whether the procedure makes sense.
Since there are no proven, scientific results, one can only say in fairness that we are "experimental" on the road.

None of us are claiming that the results are necessarily caused by entities (spirits), yet there is no denying that very often the feedback matches the appropriate situations.

This may also be due to the fact that one often sees and hears what one would like to see and hear, but the opposite cannot be claimed either.

In addition, the scene and we also attach great importance to separating formats such as PSI from "real ghosthunting".

Since none of us went to a "ghosthunting academy", we can only try to get to the bottom of the matter in our own way and  to do our best.
As long as there is no reliable, scientific knowledge  and data on this topic, we do not call ourselves "Real Ghosthunters" and
our series as an entertainment format.

Our episodes can be seen at:

Paranormal Signs Investigations Staffel 6 bei Amazon
Paranormal Signs Investigations Staffel 6 bei YouTube
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